What you can do to support the campaign

What can you do to help build a campaign in support of the abolition of prescription charges?

  • Add your name to the statement/petition (email us at swindontuc@btinternet.com ). You can give us some brief comments explaining why you support it, if you wish
  • Get your union branch/organisation to support it
  • Download the pcpetition and collect signatutes at your workplace/union branch etc
  • Download the pcbriefing to circulate
  • If you have personal or family experience of the difficulties associated with having to pay for multiple prescriptions, let us know. We report them anonymously

2 Responses to “What you can do to support the campaign”

  1. Kerry Earl, Swindon Says:

    Please add my name, it is unfair that I have to pay for my Blood Pressure medicine, when there is no hope that I will no longer need it!

    I don’t mind paying for ad-hoc medicines, but a quarterly charge of £7.10 is unacceptable for life-long medication!.

  2. Dominic Says:

    All prescriptions should be free across the UK. They are free in Wales and are only £3 in Scotland and will be free next year. Why is it different in England? I have been on Asthma and blood pressure pills for the last fifteen years, I am not over weight or a smoker. My family has one wage (as child care is prohibitively expensive) and the costs of my prescriptions are an added burden.

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