Signatories to Statement/Petition

Individuals  (in a personal capacity) include

Julie Beck, UNISON Northants

Craig Boswell, NUS, Swindon

Renate Bower-Gould

Phil Brand, UNISON London

Kevin Brandstatter, GMB Organiser

Simon Bridewell, Swindon

Katarzyna Buda, GMB, Swindon

Glen Burrows, Sec Brisrol RMT

Susan Camburn, Swindon

Louise Carter, Weymouth

Dave Chapple, Chair Bristol CWU

Dave Church, Democratic Labour Party, Walsall

Caeris Clarke

C.Climpson, Swindon Pulse Wholefood Co-op

Marc Cole, Swindon

D.Connelly, Swindon Pulse Wholefood Co-op

T.Costello, Swindon Pulse Wholefood Co-op

Dave Cox, Secretary Swindon RMT

Matt Coward, Frome Somerset

Bob Cretchley, Sec Swindon UNISON


Chris Davidson, Chair Bristol RMT

C.Dolling, Swindon Pulse Wholefood Co-op

Katarzyna Dzikowska, GMB, Swindon

Martin Eady, RMT London Underground

Monika Eady, UNITE, London

Kerry Earl, Swindon


Peter Fisher, President NHS Consultants Association

Carley Fitchett, Swindon

Colin Fox, MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) 2003-2007

Des Fox, GMB, Didcot

Lorna Fox, GMB, Didcot

Sue Francis, PCS rep NERC Swindon

Anne Gamble

Adriano Gentilcore, GMB rep Great Western Hospital

Ed Glasson, Secretary Bracknell UNITE

Michelle Gordon, GMB Organiser

L.Green, Swindon Pulse Wholefood Co-op

Angus Groat, GMB Rep Swindon

Andy Harrison, UNITE shop steward, Swindon

David Hemmings, Swindon

Louise Hemmings, Swindon

Dawn Hocking, Swindon


Don Jones, GMB Steward Smallbones and 67 members

Dr Julian Tudor Hart, Retired GP and author

Mick Houghton, Secretary Greater London Association of TUCs

Bill Hughes, Swindon Green Party

Brian Jones, UNISON rep Capita

Linda Kietz, Chair Greater London Association of TUCs

Brendan Kelly, RMT Regional Organiser, Bristol

Alex Kempshall, Unite, Bristol

Hugh Kirkbride, UNITE Regional Organiser

Bridget Lucas, Nurse Swindon PCT

Surekha Maisuria, London

Dee Martin, Secretary UNISON Thames Valley University

John McDonnell, Labour MP Hayes & Harlington

Anton Moctonian, GMB London

Paul Moloney, GMB Senior Organiser Southern Region

Joanna Morasz, GMB Project Worker

Oliver New, RMT Council of Executives

Andy Newman, Wiltshire & Swindon GMB

John Newman, Wroughton Parish Councillor

Clive Norris, Ass Sec Nottingham City UNISON

Stan Pajak, Swindon Councillor and UNITE shop steward

Tony Park, UCATT, Swindon

Andy Parsons, PCS rep NERC, Swindon

Terry Pearce, Chair Bracknell UNITE

Val Pearce, UNITE South East Regional Council


Della Petch, East Yorks

Allyson Pollock, Head of Centre for International Health Policy, Edinburgh University

Ivy Poole, UNISON, Swindon

Ted Poole, UNITE, Swindon

Graham Potter, GMB rep Lyons Seafoods

Andy Prendergast, GMB Organiser, Swindon


Ben Rickman, Sec Brent TUC

Adrian Robinson, UNISON rep Swindon Borough Council

D.Rosier, artist Southwark


Jean Saunders, ex-NHS Orthodontist, Farringdon

Tomasz Scabarewski, GMB, Swindon

J.Scott, Swindon

Matt Sellwood, London Green Party

Sue Sheils

Dr Ron Singer, GP and President of the MPU (a section of UNITE)

Giuliana Symmons, UNISON, Southampton

Peter Smith, Secretary Swindon NUT

Eric Stott, CWU, Swindon

Margot Tetsell

Paul Thomson, Swindon

Brian Tildesley, Secretary Swindon UNITE General branch

Joe Tray, Secretary Wiltshire FBU

Eve Turner, Sec Ealing TUC

Derek Wall, Principle Speaker Green Party

Dave Wasley, GMB Steward Airsprung Beds

Jerry Waylen, UNITE rep Honda

Gary Weston, Chair Swindon TUC

Martin Wicks, Secretary Swindon TUC

John Wignall, UNISON rep Swindon BC

Jon Wills, UNISON, Weymouth

Laura Wills, NUS, Swindon

Rebecca Wolf, Swindon

Nicki Woolford

Paula Yeo, Sec Newbury & Swindon USDAW


Bracknell UNITE

Socialist Health Association

Swindon RMT

Swindon TUC

Wiltshire & Swindon GMB

Updated 10/09/08


5 Responses to “Signatories”

  1. Renate Bower-Gould Says:

    please ad my name to the petition i aggre with this whole heartedly

  2. Marc Cole, Swindon Says:

    Please add my Name

  3. Carley Fitchett, Swindon Says:

    Please add my name to the petition, Thanks

  4. Pritesh Patel Says:

    add my name to the petition please…

  5. yolande cadoux Says:

    please add my name to the pettion. i need 2 prescriptions every month for ever.

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