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It incenses mee that they will be free for some not for others

July 15, 2009

I have chronic asthma and need several inhalers, without which I could possibly die. I am a student but I still have to pay for them and it is a lot of money.  It incenses me that they will become free for some but not for others!

Helen L Booth


“Why make me pay for drugs that I need to live?”

September 6, 2008

Here’s part of an email we received from one person who needs regular prescriptions.


“I was born with a blood condition and have to buy tablets to help when needed, to help clot the blood.


Also I have Asthma and have to buy, on a regular basis, my inhalers and pills to help combat this.


On top of this anything else needed within that month bought over the counter for myself and my family.


I wish I didn’t have any of these conditions but why make me pay for drugs that I need to live?


People with Diabetes don’t have to pay and some of these sufferers bought on the condition themselves through their diet. Where’s the justice in that!


My husband always asks why he pays so much tax and national insurance and yet he pays on top for my prescriptions.” 

“I need at least four prescribed medications…”

August 12, 2008

Here is one patient’s experience of the problems with the cost of prescribed medications.

“I support this campaign fully. I think its a disgrace the amount they charge for prescriptions.

I am on long term medication after having major surgery a few years ago, and have been left with side effects which I will have for the rest of my life. I need at least 4 prescribed medications, which mounts up to a lot of money every other month. This is not including over the counter medication for routine symptoms: i.e. hay fever, headaches, flu, cough medicine (on occasion). Frankly I can no longer afford it, am thinking of which medication to drop, which I know I cant afford to do, health wise.”

“Prescription charges – a tax collected only from people who are ill”

August 5, 2008

‘DC’ writes:


“Please add my name to your Petition/Statement calling for the abolition of prescription charges.


My main reason for supporting the ending of prescription charges is the very principal of any NHS charging  –  it is in effect a tax collected only from people who are ill.


From personal experience I also know that the system of charging is a real mess.  For many years I have suffered from Psoriasis and paid for two prescribed creams. Following a heart attack, for about eight years I paid for prescriptions for four drugs taken daily and a ‘spray’ to be used as necessary. I was then diagnosed with a thyroid problem and was prescribed a single drug. Although this was unrelated to the other medical conditions, for some unknown reason not only was this drug exempt from charges it meant that all my other prescriptions then became exempt from charges. I am now exempt from charges because of my age.”