Macmillan Cancer Support campaign to abolish prescription charges

The Macmillian Cancer Support charity is campaigning for the abolition of preccription charges. Macmillan says it believe ‘in the following principles:

  • No one should have to pay for their prescriptions – it is a tax on illness.
  • No one should be in the position where they can’t afford their prescription.
  • Some people are already exempt from prescription charges, but the current list of medical exemptions is over 40 years old so a review is long overdue. 
  • Most people under 60 with cancer have to pay for their prescriptions. This unfair system means that nearly one in ten cancer patients (9%) aged 55 and under who do qualify for charges, are unable to pay for prescriptions.
  • The Government needs to think again on their position that they will not put any more money into a solution. The review must consider new ways to fund extra spending on the prescriptions budget in England – such as more effective use of non-branded medicines which could save hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

Visit their website here:


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